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DEBT HUB offers a broad-based range of debt solutions, to ensure that clients with multifarious debt and financial obligations are assisted with the most fitting debt assistance, tailored to their specific debt problem. Below are our solutions

Debt Settlement

A process that allows you to pay a lump sum that's less than the amount you owe to settle your debt. This is a DEBTHUB solution offered to all clients who might have received a lump sum and wish to pay off all or just a portion of their debt. DEBTHUB will negotiate for a discounted settlement amount on behalf of the consumer with all credit providers. Consumers will only be liable to a fee of 20% of the totals savings made after negotiating a discount on outstanding balances

Debt Consolidation

Get a debt consolidation loan that allows you to move all your debt into one place. Debt consolidation is a form of debt refinancing that entails taking out one loan to pay off many others it creates a window for favourable and affordability, initiative results in a lower rate of interest, a reduced instalment or a combination of both.

Debt Remedy

We will find you the best way to create a personal budget, to protect your assets, unlock cash, and prepare you for a financially healthy life after debt. DEBTHUB provides specialist services to consumers on their various circumstances and recommends a most appropriate solution. We assist in creating a personalised budget inclusive of all debts obligations which result in a personal action plan, on which steps to take. Your bad credit record and blacklisting are a thing of the past once you come to the DEBTHUB your home of Debt counselling specialist.

Debt Management

Let us plan, prioritise, reduced and control your repayments on debt solutions, home loans, vehicle finance solutions and other forms of credit. Debt management is a unique strategy developed to help a debtor manage their indebtedness, DEBTHUB will negotiate with service providers of unsecured credit for the repayment of debts over a specified time, this debt relief agreement with the providers, extend the amount of time over which the debt will be paid-up.


  • We have unique relations with credit providers
  • We will negotiate a low-interest rate of up to 5%
  • We will protect you from being hassled by creditors
  • We will protect your assets from being repossessed by creditors
  • We are expert in this field
  • We are a large business looking after you
  • In five years you can be debt-free
  • We consolidate one payment
  • We provide you with monthly statements of your profile and balances until we are done

OUR Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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